Chris and I live in North Carolina with our 2 beautiful children. While Chris is at work, most days are spent with me chasing the kids around and trying to keep up with dishes and laundry. Most days are a total fail in that regard, BUT, we wouldn’t have it any other way. The past few years we’ve learned so much about ourselves, especially adding kids into the mix. Life it TOUGH and you have to work hard for what’s important- but it’s so worth it. You have to live life intentionally or it gets taken right out from under you. Mind your mind! Guard your heart! Make each day purposeful and don’t get overwhelmed. Surround yourself with people that love you and do all you can to silence the noise. Seek the Father in all things and be honest with who you are. No one is perfect and you know what? It’s ok! He sees ALL our mess and still calls us a masterpiece. How’s that for unconditional love?! Keep going! Stay focused on what is important in the life! Don’t get caught up in all the distractions because they are there to steal your joy. Dance when the music comes on! Sing even if it’s off key and find Him in the small things. Because He’s there. Cheering you on and calling your name. I guess this was supposed to be “about us”, but that’s just it- we’re just like everyone else. Imperfect and humbled to know His unconditional love. Desperate for His guidance in how to raise our (toddler) children (sweet mercy). And continuously fighting to keep our marriage from drowning in a sea of the daily grind. Thankful God has given us the opportunity to play a little music along the way. We’re so very thankful to Him, and we’re cheering you on too.


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